How to Use The Football Market

Hello and welcome to the Network90 blog!

This is the first part of a new series of tutorials we have put together for you, to make sure you use all of Network90’s features to the max.

Today we will talk about the Football Market.

The Football Market has 3 main features: The Transfer Market, the Club Directory and the Scouting tool:

1.In the Transfer Market you can find more than 350 players listed for transfer from Free to €20Mln. You can get more info on the players by simply clicking on their names or by searching the list with our handy search tool. The second list is the Players Requested list. Set alerts and be the first to know when the players that suit your needs are listed. You can also easily list your available or requested players to help make the transfers you want happen.

2.Use our Club Directory to analyse a player’s form and matches. Click on the country and club to view stats on Team and Squad using the top right ears.

3.Search for suitable players on our Global Scouting Database with full historical, detailed player bios. Enter your required player criteria, click search the global database for suitable players.