The List Of "NEVER" For Defenders And Attackers

A couple of weeks ago, FC Barcelona tied (0-0) against CF Villanovense (Spanish King Cup), team from the Spanish Second B Division. This day was a legendary day for this humble Spanish team.

Julio Cobos (CF Villanovense coach) had the idea to motivate to his players through norms. He placed in the locker room before the game against FC Barcelona a list with 6 defensive norms, and 7 offensive norms to compete against FC Barcelona. With these norms, Julio Cobos wanted to remind to his players what a defender must not do, and what a attacker must not do during a match. Following these norms, the team will be more competitive on the pitch.

The 6 "NEVER" of a defender

  1. Never give your back to the ball, "don't stop to look the ball".
  2. Never stop to make coverages, and shifting.
  3. Never give to an opponent his strong side (leg).
  4. Never make a foul to an opponent if the opponent is back to back to your goal.
  5. Never in an aerial game,the left back or right back go against the central forward.
  6. Never leave bounce the ball in a goal kick, or long clear.

  1. Never forget how important is the guile.
  2. Never forget how important is to arrive, and not to be.
  3. Never stop of think in the sides, the wingers.
  4. Never stop to play with your teammates placed in front of you (Not turn).
  5. Never stop to support at your teammate with ball.
  6. Never forget the teammate who make an overlap run to you.
  7. Never stop to think how you enjoyed playing soccer when you were a child.

Author - Jose Silva Caparros

Original article and more drills available at:'The Tactical Saloon'