The Mad World of the Football Transfer Window

We are just days removed from the summer transfer window and once again we are scratching our heads at the money paid by football club owners for the games top talents. Let’s look back at the record breaking transfer window and analyse how the “beautiful game” has gone mad when it comes to teams acquiring new players.

The English Premier League is the most watched league in the world with over 100 countries tuning in each week to see their favourite players. The Premier league also prides itself on being the richest league in the world and the evidence to support this was made clear in the recent transfer window. A staggering £870m was spent in the 2015 summer transfer window by the 20 clubs that make up the worlds top league. In comparison to its rival leagues on the continent, the Premier league more than doubled the top leagues in Europe, yet there is a case for these leagues possessing the better talent.

Sky got the ball rolling in 1992 by spending millions on television rights to show English Premier League games and each year the clubs in the top flight have been spending more and more. Before 2008, Manchester City were a relatively average sized club, who’s record transfer at the time had been £13m and had not lifted a major trophy in 30 years, Fast forward to 2015 and they are now the team that has spent the most amount of money on players in the modern era. This would not have been possible without the help of their owners from the Middle East. This transfer window saw Man City spend £160m on three players, one of which was German international Kevin De Bruyne. £56m was spent on the player, who just last year left City’s league rivals Chelsea due to lack of first team opportunities. It is unbelievable to see a club splash all that money on a player who was not needed by a team, however that shows the power of the English game.

It appears that if a player is English then he automatically has a higher price tag. Manchester City spent £49m on Liverpool teenager Raheem Sterling this summer in what was the 7th most expensive in history, however has a long way to go to match the talents of Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo. Sterling’s move was also the biggest deal to ever include an Englishman and he is only 20 years old.

There is an arrogance that the English Premier League has and it is not just the clubs that try and show it. The media in England embrace the fact that they are the world’s richest league and patronise others. The reporters on “Deadline Day” continued to reiterate the point that over £800m had been spent by its clubs. At the end of the day “money talks” in football and the English Premier League will continue to break records each transfer window and millions will continue to tune into the worlds richest league.