The role of an agent in youth football?

The football industry continues to evolve and develop at an alarming rate, with the sport now consumed in virtually every inhabited country in the world as the sector becomes increasingly more international and commercially orientated. The accelerated growth of the sport, and the advancement of UK football in particular, has seen rise to the significance of business professionals in the world of elite football. Although the importance of football agents is widely recognised in the senior side of the sport, the role of agents in youth football is often less well defined in the new era of the game.

Our involvement in youth football in the United Kingdom is focused specifically on our relationship with the family, providing advice and support on matters both on and off the field. The access to experienced industry professionals often alleviates the stress or concern of parents, providing a platform to seek guidance in assessing their available options, advice on contract negotiations or any other potential disputes that may arise with the club as documented in a number of damning reports recently published. Moreover, we work closely with the parents to promote to the players the value of education, commitment and devotion as they strive for a career in the game whilst preparing for life after football. Our commitment to developing a well-rounded young professional as well as harnessing their footballing ability is at the crux of our agency ethos. We are proud of the fact that we do not charge our youth players for our service and on-going advice as they progress through the age categories in the academy and take great pride in working closely with some of the most talented young players to help pass on our experience and industry prowess to convert potential into a career in the game.

Our approach to the players’ personal development and mentoring is diverse and wide ranging, and can often involve: one-to-one interactions with experienced first team players to pass on invaluable insights and advice; regular communication with the parents and player; trips to first team games; access to professionals for performance advice; as well as a weekly presence at their matches to take an active role in their personal and professional development.

Author - Elliott Fillingham, ViolaFC